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Best Card Payment Machines for Online Transactions in the UK

For businesses of all sizes, having a trustworthy and effective payment solution is essential in the dynamic world of digital commerce. The selection of a card payment machine UK is an important choice because the expanding market in the United Kingdom necessitates a seamless and safe method of transaction processing. PayBuddy UK provides the best card payment machine alternatives that are suited to the particular requirements of businesses since we recognize the importance of a reliable payment system.

The Evolution of Payment Solutions

Innovative card payment machines are progressively displacing traditional payment methods in a time when customer choices are dominated by speed and convenience. These devices have changed the way transactions are done, making them easier for both customers and businesses to use. Leading this movement, PayBuddy UK consistently offers state-of-the-art payment solutions to aid in business success.

Lowest Rates Guaranteed!

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Super-Fast Transactions

Our card machines power up and process payments within seconds enabling you to serve your customers faster. Let us help you save your and the client’s time. Level up your services a notch, please your customers and see your ratings go higher!

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Get Paid Instantly

With Paybuddy, your funds can be credited to your business bank account as early as the same or next working day. This will not only improve your cashflow but also streamline your business operations, improve productivity – all of which will contribute to the growth of your business!

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Safeguard Your Earnings

Our payment solutions are completely secure and fully comply with PCI requirements with point-to point-encryption is implemented as standard. Our payment solutions have been set-up to handle the latest challenges in terms of security.

The Best Card Payment Device to Use

Selecting the best card payment machine UK might be challenging given the wide range of options available. However, PayBuddy UK simplifies this process by offering the best card payment terminals on the market. Our Best Card Machines are built with the most modern technology, which ensures seamless transactions, robust security measures, and user-friendly interfaces. Whether you run a restaurant, a retail store, or an online business, our assortment of card payment terminals is crafted to match your unique demands.

Advantages of Our Best Card Payment Machines

We offer the best card payment terminals in the UK because we are devoted to excellence. PayBuddy UK gives you access to the following advantages:

Efficiency: To keep your business running smoothly, our card payment equipment is made to process transactions swiftly and simply.

Security: It is a must when it comes to payment solutions. Modern security features on our products safeguard sensitive user data and lessen the likelihood of fraud.

Versatility: Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce platform, our card payment machines are compatible with all business types and seamlessly adapt to your needs.

Latest SMART Terminals

Upload your statement now and let us do a FREE like-for-like comparison for you. Let us show you how much you can save with Paybuddy!

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Stylish & Chic

Our chic and stylish card machines come in a sleek and compact design that is bound to attract your customer’s attention. Impress them and keep them coming back again and again!


Portable & Mobile

Our card machines can be automatically connected to WiFi and mobile data. Accept payments on-the-go both onsite and offsite. Serve customers from the comfort of your POS station or go to them wherever they are.
user friendly s

User friendly

Our card machines are compact, lightweight and easy to use. All features have been designed to be simple making it convenient for you to take payments from your customers.

PAXA920 Pro

Paybuddy brings you the upgraded version of one of the best card terminals in the market.
Presenting to you the PAX A920 Pro!

The A920 Pro comes with a larger screen, faster performance, and an optional built-in professional infrared barcode scanner. This upgraded version of PAX A920 with its feature upgrades give you an excellent payment experience.

Key features

Boost the Success of Your Business with the Best Card Payment Device

In the competitive UK market, using the finest payment alternatives is crucial for long-term growth. PayBuddy UK offers a complete online payment system that incorporates the most recent online payment gateway UK solutions in addition to the best card payment terminals.

Online payment gateway providers situated in the UK

As online businesses expand, having a reliable online payment gateway is essential. Your online company’ success is made possible by the cutting-edge payment gateway solutions provided by PayBuddy UK. Our convenient and safe payment method, which enables customers to shop online with confidence, will enhance the entire purchasing experience for your customers.

The PayBuddy UK Advantage

We at PayBuddy UK are proud to be your one-stop shop for all your payment solution requirements. We provide a comprehensive strategy to streamline your transactions, ranging from the best card payment terminals to cutting-edge internet payment gateway solutions. Businesses seeking premier payment solutions in the UK turn to us because of our experience and commitment to innovation.

A flawless payment experience can make all the difference in the fast-paced corporate world. PayBuddy UK provides the best card payment terminals and online payment gateway solutions since it is aware of the specific requirements of the UK market. Take advantage of our innovative solutions to grow your company, improve customer satisfaction, and dominate the market. PayBuddy UK is where your path to quick and safe transactions begins.

Choose The Right Card Machine For Your Business!

We, at Paybuddy, identify your needs and give you the right card terminal for your business.

Countertop Terminal

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Take payments from customers at the Counter

  • Terminal Fixed to the Counter.
  • Works on Ethernet & WiFi.
  • Suitable for retail.

Portable Terminal

PAX A920

Take payments from anywhere in your shop or directly at the customer’s table in your restaurant.

  • Terminal can be taken to customers anywhere on the premises.
  • Works on WiFi.
  • Suitable for restaurants.

Mobile Terminal


Take payments from anywhere – be it onsite or offsite.

  • Terminal can be taken to customers anywhere on or off the premises.
  • Works on 3G, 4G and GPS.
  • Suitable for bars, clubs and events.

Accept A Wide Range of Payment Types
With Our Card Terminals

chip amp pin cards

Chip & Pin Cards

Once the debit or credit card is entered into the terminal, the customer can enter their secure PIN to complete the payment.

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Contactless Payments

With a simple tap of the debit or credit card against the card machine, the customer can make the payment in no time.

mobile paymentss

Mobile Payments

With a quick swipe of their mobile device like a phone or SMART watch, the customer can pay for their purchase.

Diverse Payment Solutions

Want To Explore Other Payment Solutions? Here you go!

High Risk Businesses

  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Transparent Process
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Trusted & Reliable Service

Online & MOTO Payments

  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Transparent Process
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Trusted & Reliable Service


  • No bulky card machines
  • No terminal rental
  • No minimun monthly fee
  • No PCI fee
  • No maintenance fee


  • Effortless Donation Collection
  • Engage Donors Digitally
  • Cutting-Edge Terminal
  • Mobile Payment Options
  • Expand Your Impact

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Russel Bruce
Russel Bruce
-Shirley’s Floral Art
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Excellent service and reliable, cost efficient and with local support from Darren Wilson. Would recommend to anyone considering switching card payment machines. Thank you.
Total Flooring
Total Flooring
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Great service from start to finish, would highly recommend. Best thing about Paybuddy the transaction is transferred either same day or next. Thank you very much for arranging this great service and delivering everything he promised.

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