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Introducing Tap-N-Give by Paybuddy

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, modern system to streamline your charity fundraising and donations, Tap-N-Give by Paybuddy is the perfect solution. With Tap-N-Give, you can effortlessly collect contactless and cashless contributions from donors, all while building donor engagement and trust with your supporters. Tap-N-Give is one of the best nonprofit technology solutions available today.

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Hassle-Free Donations with PAX A920 Pro

Paybuddy’s Tap-N-Give system features the PAX A920 Pro, a cutting-edge terminal that enables you to accept secure donations quickly and easily. This mobile donation device boasts a large, high-resolution touch screen and a seamless interface that simplifies the donation processing and tracking for both you and your donors. The PAX A920 Pro is one of the best card terminals for charities available today.

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Convenient Mobile Donation Options

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Tap-N-Give by Paybuddy supports multiple donation options, including popular mobile wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, as well as other mobile donation apps and smart watches. This means that donors can easily and securely make contributions through their mobile devices, using their preferred donation method. With the rise of mobile payments and donations, offering these convenient payment options can help increase your charity donations and improve the overall donor experience. By incorporating these popular mobile donation options into the Tap-N-Give system, Paybuddy has made it even easier for charities to accept digital donations and expand their reach to tech-savvy donors who prefer to use their mobile devices and smart watches to make donations.

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Customizable Donation Amounts

Tap-N-Give also offers a range of customizable donation options, allowing donors to contribute any amount between £1 and £200, making online giving convenient and hassle-free. The system displays a list of donation platforms and donation solutions on the big screen, so donors can easily choose their desired amount. If the donor chooses “OTHER,” they will be directed to a screen where they can enter a custom donation amount and make their donation.

Donor Management Made Easy

With Tap-N-Give by Paybuddy, donor engagement and management is easy. The user-friendly donation system simplifies the donor tracking and engagement process, helping you build stronger relationships with your supporters. The system also features a donor management dashboard that allows you to track your donations and donor data, making donation processing and tracking more efficient.

Tap-N-Give: The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Charity Fundraising

With Tap-N-Give by Paybuddy, you can take your charity donations to the next level. By providing a hassle-free, modern system for contactless contributions, digital donations, and online giving, you can attract more contributions and build trust with your supporters. So why wait? Start using Tap-N-Give today and see the difference it can make for your charity. It’s a donation solution that’s secure, user-friendly, and tailored to the needs of modern nonprofits.