Are you in search of aspiring new career?

It’s not easy to sell Merchant Services when you are the third rep to walk into their shop today, you need an unfair advantage. Something different to catch their imagination.

Rather then just a plain boring plan to save money, you need products that compliment each other, product that will increase their turnover, reduces their costs at the same time as a result increasing the BOTTOM LINE PROFIT! Now they are going to listen and you have their full attention.

We are looking to hire highly motivated, employed and self-employed sales professionals for territories across North East of England.

This is a good opportunity to work for an exciting and genuinely nice company which has a motivated, experienced management team that understand the market.

To work with us, you must have

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Strong presentation skills

Ability to self-generate business

Professional appearance at all times

Likeable personality

The ability to follow instructions, take action and also advise

Strong closing skills

Access to a car and a mobile phone

Good organisation skills

Tireless work ethics

Company Overview

We source from the largest merchant service provider in the world to provide businesses with credit card processing solutions. Including businesses already accepting card payments. We are a direct competitor to the high-street banks who typically have been excessively charging businesses for years. We offer the lowest market rates and the best service in the market.

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Why we are better:

  • We have the ability to lower any pricing for businesses no matter their size, you will always be able to save money for a merchant
  • We provide the most up-to-date technology, such as that used in the biggest supermarkets
  • Our terminals have the latest connectivity, such as Bluetooth and GPRS
  • ALL of our support centres are UK-based
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Why work with us:

  • Intensive sales and product training course
  • Ongoing training structure to continually build on your skills
  • Flexible working hours
  • Employed / Self-employed roles
  • Full sales collateral for presenting to customers
  • Career opportunities
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UP TO 50%

UK Technical Support

Choice of
Spire & Ingenico Terminals

We'll Beat any
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