Start taking payments over the phone securely using our virtual terminal

It allows you to process credit and debit card payments easily and securely over phone or from orders received by fax.

Auto-validate card details as you type

Our virtual terminal makes it easy to set up recurring payments for charging customers on weekly, monthly or annual basis

  • Convenient online payments for customers
  • Accept payments 24/7 from anywhere
  • No need for physical card machine
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Easy integration with ecommerce platforms
  • Robust reporting and data management
  • Customizable checkout and branding
  • Supports multiple payment types
  • Increased security with industry-standard encryption.

Why choose a Virtual Terminal?

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Easy setup

Easy installation and setup. We can also help you through the whole process with full aftercare and support

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Security & Mobility

The main advantages of having a virtual terminal merchant account are security and mobility.

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Technical Support

At Paybuddy we offer 24-hour technical support. We provide full on-site and remote support from our dedicated technical department.

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Operational from anywhere

Virtual Terminals are operational from anywhere in the world with Internet access; you can even carry out sales and process credit card information while on holidays or during a business trip.

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Accept all major cards

Start taking all major credit or debit cards. Also these machnes are able to process chip and pin contactless and Moto payments

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Ideal for Remote Companies

MOTO accounts are appealing for remote companies that want to increase their sales without having an internet-focused business.


Our packages start from
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£ 15.00/Month
  • This one fixed price per month allows you to make 250 transactions through your payment gateway, which is the equivalent to £150k worth of transaction at average ticket value of £50

With Our Virtual Terminal Solution, Increase Payment Efficiency

Utilize the cutting-edge Virtual Terminal from PayBuddy to enter a new era of frictionless transactions. Process payments from different channels without difficulty, doing away with the need for conventional card terminals. Businesses can now collect payments over the phone or through postal orders thanks to our user-friendly interface, which guarantees quick integration. Customer data is safeguarded by encrypted security measures, promoting loyalty and confidence. As we revolutionize the way you conduct business, take advantage of the combination between practicality and cutting-edge technology. Join us in welcoming the sophisticated yet simple world of payments.


Many customers do not trust small stores with unprofessional looking websites and the fear that their credit card data may be stolen prevents them from placing an order.There are still plenty of customers out there who feel safer giving their details over the phone to a real person. In addition, customers may call you before making a purchase on your website to ask questions about your product or service and helping with their inquiry. You can present them with an option to process their credit card instantly over the phone to help close the sale.Therefore, having a MOTO merchant account and processing card payments via a virtual terminal is great for e-Commerce merchants too.

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