Start taking card payments freely around your business premises

Ideally suited for when you want to serve customers where ever they are located; most often used in a restaurant environment or night club

These terminals are really secure and fully comply with PCI requirements, being set-up to handle the latest challenges in terms of security

Contactless technology is also built in as a standard feature. This can all be integrated into your point of sales or stand-alone.

With modern and sleek design

Get two free card machine rolls when you choose Paybuddy

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  • Improved customer service with the ability to take payments anywhere in the store or restaurant.Battery power eliminates the need for a dedicated power source.
  • Boosts sales opportunities with easy payment options for customers.
  • Quick and easy payments, reducing wait times for customers.
  • Easy plug-and-play setup and can integrate with other business systems.
  • Accepts various payment types, including contactless and mobile payments.

Revolutionizing Transactions: Discover the Best Credit Card Terminals with PayBuddy Portable Solutions

The use of portable terminals has completely changed the way business is done and elevated them to a major participant in the world of payment solutions. PayBuddy is a respected name if you’re looking for the best credit card terminals. Their mobile terminals guarantee seamless transactions for both customers and clients while providing unmatched convenience and security.

Because they combine cutting-edge technology with friendly user interfaces, these terminals transform the payment process. PayBuddy’s portable solutions demonstrate their dedication to providing the best credit card terminals. Because of its dependability and effectiveness, firms may effortlessly complete transactions using these terminals.

Having the right credit card terminal is crucial, whether you own a little business or are a part of a larger corporation. Portable PayBuddy terminals make payments simple while also enabling companies to thrive in a society where cash is used less and less. Because they are secure, inventive, and versatile, these terminals are at the forefront of payment technology.

Why choose a portable card machine?

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Easy setup

Easy installation and setup. We can also help you through the whole process with full aftercare and support

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Fast and Efficient

Quick way of taking payment, it serves customers faster because it can process the payment in less than 2 seconds

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Take Payments on the move

Using chip-and-pin to process the customer’s card details, these devices can be carried freely around

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Technical Support

At Paybuddy we offer 24-hour technical support. We provide full on-site and remote support from our dedicated technical department.

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Ideal for Multiple Departments

Bluetooth portable terminals are also great for accepting card and debit card payments if you have multiple departments

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Future-proof payment system

These machines have special features to allow them to accept store cards and are future-proof with NFC chips in to accept payments with smartphones (a trend which has really begun to take off in the UK)

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Accept all major cards

Start taking all major credit or debit cards. Also these machnes are able to process chip and pin contactless and Moto payments

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PCI Compliance & Authorization

We support you with PCI compliance. Transactions are authorised and authenticated immediately.

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Phone / Wi-Fi / Broadband

These terminals only require one phone line even if you have multiple terminals set up

The ideal option for multiple terminals would be a portable Bluetooth machine, which is most often used in a restaurant environment or night club.


Frequently Asked Questions

With Paybuddy solutions you can save up to 50% on your payments. You can save with every transaction, so you can imagine how much the saving one would make at the end of the day. 

Yes, our card machines are truly portable, ideally suited to take the payments freely around your business premises so you can serve your customers where ever they are located. These devices can be carried freely around so you can take payments on the move.

The installation and setup of this software are very easy and we assure to help you throughout the whole process with full aftercare and support.

These portable card machines are secure and fully comply with the payment card industry requirements.  All the transactions are safely authorized and authenticated. 

Paybuddy provides card payment solutions that are a quick and efficient way of accepting payment. It processes the payment in less than 2 seconds serving your customers fast. 

These portable card payment machines have modern and sleek designs with the latest PAX, Ingenico, Verifone & Spire terminals. Also, these terminals have been embedded with contactless technology to accept all the payment without any contact. This feature can also be integrated into your point-of-sale.

Our portable terminals accept all major credit and debit cards in the market. These  Card machines can easily process chip and pin contactless payments. You also get two card machine rolls free when you choose our services.

We at Paybuddy offer 8AM-8PM technical support, seven days a week to assist client with their queries.  We also offer full on-site and remote support from our technical department so that your queries are answered and solved immediately. 

These terminals require only a single phone line even if you are using multiple terminals. One single phone line, Wi-Fi, or broadband connection would be enough. Also, you can set bluetooth portable terminals for accepting credit and debit card payments. These Bluetooth terminals will be the best solution if you have multiple departments. 

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UP TO 50%

UK Technical Support

Choice of
PAX, Ingenico, Verifone & Spire terminals

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