Mobile Card Payment Machine - Start taking card payments anywhere.

Taxis, delivery drivers, painters and decorators, trade fairs and trade shows are perfect examples of its usage

Paybuddy uses the latest Ingenico & Spire terminals which are some of the smallest and most easily portable mobile card terminals out there on the market.

Complying with the latest PCI PTS V3.0 security standards, our models are absolutely secure and have great battery life.

If we can’t fix, we’ll send a new mobile card payment machine within 24 hours

You get this mobile terminal for less than £1.00 a day

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  • Payments on-the-go for outdoor events or deliveries.
  • Battery power eliminates the need for a dedicated power source.
  • Increases sales opportunities with easy payment options for customers.
  • Quick and easy payments, reducing wait times for customers.
  • Easy setup with 4G roaming sim, compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • Accepts various payment types, including contactless and multi-currency payments.

Why choose a Mobile card terminal?

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Easy setup

Easy installation and setup. We can also help you through the whole process with full aftercare and support

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Good Power Usage

Stay charged for up to 8 hours and fully recharges in less than an hour.It processes up to 500 transactions with just one charge

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Technical Support

At Paybuddy we offer 24-hour technical support. We provide full on-site and remote support from our dedicated technical department.

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Roaming Sim Card

UK-wide network coverage along with built-in roaming SIM card which ensures that you always stay connected

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Accept all major cards

Start taking all major credit or debit cards. Also these machnes are able to process chip and pin contactless and Moto payments

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PCI Compliance & Authorization

We support you with PCI compliance. Transactions are authorised and authenticated immediately.

Mobile Card Machines for Small Businesses

As the title suggests, these devices are portable like a mobile phone as they use GPRS technology. Mobile card machines for small businesses are the perfect tools for taking card and debit card payments on the move. You can take the mobile card payment machine to the customer and simply input the amount that you are charging. Then they use their PIN and the payment is getting processed. You don’t need a phone line so these mobile card machines for small businesses are truly portable.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can start accepting payments from any place where there is the availability of the mobile network. So you can use this terminal. Taxis, delivery drivers, trade fairs, and trade shows are perfect examples where these contactless card payment machines can be used. 

Yes, we at Paybuddy use the latest security standards. In this mobile terminal, we comply with the latest PCI PTS V3.0 security standards. 

Paybuddy uses the latest PAX, Ingenico, Verifone & Spire terminals. These mobile terminals are small in size which makes them easily portable in hands.  These use GPRS technology and are perfect for taking credit and debit card payments on the go.

No, you do not have to buy any landline connection. You just need a mobile sim card for it and you are good to go. This best card reader has a UK-wide network coverage and a built-in roaming SIM card which ensures that you are always connected.

We assure you that this card payment solution will cost you less than £1.00 a day. So in terms of budget, it will cost you the minimum in the market.

This terminal has an easy installation and setup process. We will assist you all along the process whenever needed. 

We offer 8am–8pm seven days a week technical support to you with our technical department always ready to help you with your queries. We also offer full on-site and remote support.

Using this Card machine you can start accepting all major credit and debit cards. These terminals can also process all types of chip and pin contactless and moto online payments.

This mobile terminal stays charged up for up to 8 hours and can process up to 500 transactions with a single charge. It takes less than an hour for a full recharge. 

We try to fix whatever issue arises as soon as possible. If we can’t fix the issue, we have an option of ‘Next Day Hot-Swap Available’ which means we will send you a new machine within 24 hours. 

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UK Technical Support
Choice of
PAX, Ingenico, Verifone & Spire terminals
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