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  •  The Internet presents a massive opportunity for your business whatever your sector and your business size. It’s no exaggeration to say that the growth of the Internet has caused something of a business revolution, seeing that more than 32 million people in the UK are now online shoppers.

  • We provide a full comprehensive package for your website, which includes a merchant account and access to an eCommerce Payment System. In a single phone call and we can get all of it set up for you. We are compatible with most major shopping carts systems.

E-Commerce Payment Gateway

Any business that wants to facilitate online payments needs an ecommerce payment gateway. This includes ecommerce stores, online marketplaces, digital content providers, and subscription services. By providing customers with a secure and convenient way to make payments, an ecommerce payment gateway allows businesses to process payments quickly and reliably.

An ecommerce payment gateway is a technology that allows online shoppers to securely transfer money to merchants in order to purchase goods and services.

Payment gateways provide a secure, encrypted connection between the merchant and the customer, allowing for fast and secure transactions. Payment gateways also provide additional fraud protection and anti-money laundering measures, ensuring that the customer’s payment information.

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Difference between a payment gateway and a merchant account:

A payment gateway is distinct from a merchant account. The main difference between a merchant account and a payment gateway is that a merchant account is a type of bank account used to receive and hold funds from card transactions, while a payment gateway is a consumer-facing system used to process payments securely. A merchant account is unique to the business, while a payment gateway is shared between several businesses and all of their customers. While both provide secure payment processing, the merchant account is used to settle the funds into the merchant’s bank account, while the payment gateway is used to encrypt customer card information and process payments.

The link between an online payment gateway and a merchant account is that the payment gateway is used to securely process payments, while the merchant account is the actual bank account where the funds from those payments will be deposited. The payment gateway acts as a bridge between the customer and the merchant, providing a secure connection for the transaction. The merchant account is then used to settle the funds from the payment gateway into the merchant’s bank account.

Additional Services

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Schedule Pay

It allows you to set up recurring payment requests weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


To reduce the level of PCI DSS compliance required by a merchant, tokenisation provides the option to send the card information via XML API and receive a ‘token’ back to be used for future transaction requests. This removes the necessity for merchants to store information locally.

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