Empowering Your Business with Cutting-Edge Card Machines

In an era where speed and convenience define customer experiences, we are committed to empowering small businesses with advanced card payment solutions. Our diverse range of card machines caters to every business need, from traditional models to state-of-the-art touchscreen devices, ensuring that every transaction is not just a transfer of funds, but a seamless and secure customer interaction.


Visual Overview of Our Card Machine Features

Before delving into the details, here's a visual representation of the distinct features of our card machine options:

graph LR A[Card Machines] --> B[Mobile Card Machine] A --> C[Countertop Card Machine] A --> D[Portable Card Machine] B --> E[4G Connectivity] B --> F[Long Battery Life] C --> G[Broadband/Phone Line Connection] C --> H[Fast Receipt Printing] D --> I[Bluetooth Range] D --> J[Lightweight Design]

This diagram showcases the versatility of our card machines, designed to accommodate various business environments and transactional requirements.

Advanced Payment Processing for Every Business Type

Diverse Payment Acceptance

Our range of card machines supports a wide array of payment methods, including traditional cards, contactless payments, and digital wallets such as Apple and Google Pay. This inclusive approach ensures no customer is turned away due to payment limitations.

Fast Funds Settlement

We prioritize your business's cash flow with our next-day settlement options, ensuring that your earnings are quickly credited to your account.

Unparalleled Support and Assistance

Tailored Setup and Ongoing Support

Transitioning to a new payment system can be a complex process. We simplify this with a dedicated Welcome Team to assist in setup and a UK-based support team available seven days a week to address any concerns.

Selecting the Right Card Machine for Your Business

Mobile Card Machine

Perfect for businesses on the move, our mobile card machines come with a built-in GPRS SIM card for connectivity in any location with 4G signal, complemented by a long-lasting battery.

Countertop Card Machine

Ideal for fixed sales points, these machines offer a compact design and connect via broadband or phone line, facilitating fast and efficient receipt printing.

Portable Card Machine

These machines are suited for businesses requiring mobility within a limited area, with a 50m Bluetooth range, and a small, lightweight design for ease of use.

Setting Ourselves Apart in the Market

Exceptional Customer Service

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our 5-star customer service rating, reflecting our dedication to supporting your business's transaction needs.

Flexible Contract Terms

We offer a range of contract lengths, providing the flexibility to choose terms that best suit your business model.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Costs and Features: Costs are tailored based on your specific needs, considering the chosen model and desired payment types.
  2. Contactless Payment Technology: All machines are equipped with contactless technology for quick, secure transactions.
  3. Security of Transactions: We ensure secure transactions with the latest technology across all major card types, including contactless and digital wallet payments.

Partnering for Your Business Growth

Choosing our card payment solutions means partnering with a team committed to enhancing your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our diverse range of card machines, backed by exceptional support and flexible terms, uniquely positions us to meet the dynamic needs of small businesses

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