Merchant Cash Advance

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Flexible funding from future card payments to meet your current cash flow needs!

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Access £5,000
to £500,000

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Funding in as little
as 24 hours

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Cash Earnings

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Receive up to 150%
of your monthly card sales

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Repay only when you sell

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What Is A Merchant
Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is a flexible business finance facility that has been specially designed for businesses that take credit card online payment or in-person card payment. It allows you to unlock financing against your future revenue from card payments. Your business can receive up to 150% of your monthly card takings.

The pricing structure is customized to the needs of your business at the beginning of the arrangement, with the repayments being set at an agreed percentage of future sales till the merchant cash advance is paid off.

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How Does A
Merchant Cash
Advance Work?

Unlike a bank loan, you do not have to pay us back at a fixed time. You pay us only when you get paid! There are no set payments.

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Your cash earnings remain untouched!

How? Well, we will provide you with a lump sum amount upfront and deduct an agreed percentage (10-25%) from your daily debit and credit card payments till the advance is paid off.
The below illustration explains the process. This example is based on the assumption of a 10% repayment percentage: so, when the borrower receives a payment of £100 via their card machine, £10 goes towards the repayment of their loan while £90 is credited to their business bank account.

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Your payments
are in line with
your cash flow.

Hence, there is no strain on your cash flow in difficult times and there is no risk of going overdrawn!

You can pay back with both
in-store and online card

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Card machine:

If your business accepts payments in-store with a card machine, you pay back a small percentage each time a customer pays via card machine.

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Online payments:

If your business accepts payments online through an eCommerce website, you pay back a small percentage each time a customer makes a purchase online.

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Delivery/Ordering platform:

If your trade within the hospitality sector and use the likes of JustEat, UberEats and Deliveroo, we can also advance funding against your card takings on these platforms.
If you go for a bank loan, you would have to pay a fixed monthly instalment, regardless of whether your business is prospering or not.

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How Much Can I Borrow?

Our merchant cash advance amounts range from £500 to £500,000. You can receive up to 150% of your monthly card sales.

For example, if you make £1000 from card machines, £4000 from Deliveroo, £3000 from UberEats and £2000 from JustEat, we may be able to advance you £15000 – which would be 150% of your total card sales across the board!

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Why Choose Paybuddy?

Paybuddy has partnerships with multiple, leading financial institutions and lenders that offer

funding to businesses with diverse risk
portfolios. This helps us ensure we have the
best offer for you on the table!

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Our merchant cash advance comes with a host of other benefits!

Unsecured funds Up To £500,000
Decision Within 24-28 hours
Funds Received Within 5-7 Days
No Hidden Fees
No Proof of Income
No Security
95% Approval Rate
Cash Earnings Untouched

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Apply Now!

All we need from you are the following documents to
proceed with your application!

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1 month business bank statement

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4 month card statements

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ID copy (passport or driving license)

Please fill the form below and one of our experts will get in touch with you soon!