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A: All you have to do is contact Paybuddy and we arrange for a business advisor to assess your business and provide you with the best quote available. You can do this over the phone, on-line or our sales manager can come to your business at a time to suit you.

A: If you have an RBS group bank account, The standard timescale is 3 working days starting from the day after taking the transaction. It takes 3 days for non-RBS group banks. Funds will arrive as cleared with immediate effect.

A: We offer 24 hours of UK-based help desk support.

A: PCI stands for payment card industry and has been introduced by all UK banks. This dictates how cardholder data on your merchant receipts must be handled.

All cardholder data must be stored securely and then destroyed when no longer required. You are required to complete a PCI questionnaire on an annual basis and this will protect you from any fines given by the Card Schemes.

We support your business to become PCI-compliant and we’ll guide you through the questionnaire. Please contact Dunu for further information.

A: All the card terminals that Paybuddy provide are PCI PTS V3-certified, which makes them the most secure on the market today.

A: It depends on your agreement. There may be cancellation costs if you end your contract, however Dunu may be able to offer you a cashback payment that could cover these costs. Plus, you’ll be saving money by switching to us anyway!

A: Yes, we have support for this and we will help as much as we can.

A: In short, yes. In the current economic environment, most consumers are increasingly making purchases using credit and debit cards and more businesses are also now accepting them. Your business could be taking as much as 20% more if you accepted credit and debit cards.

A: It varies from customer to customer, but the savings can be anything up to 50% – even more in some cases.

A: Yes, we have different methods and ways.

A: Yes, we have support for this and we will help as much as we can.